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Colorado LCS Learning Collaborative Web Series - Shared screen with speaker view
Christi Cahill - Colorado Cancer Coalition
Objectives for today — Identify the biggest challenges/barriers limiting wider implementation of LCS-Discuss strategies to simplify and facilitate the shared decision making process-Describe needed LCS data and metrics to obtain administration/decision-maker support for LCS resourcesDiscuss strategies to improve patient adherence and return for annual lung cancer screening CT
Angela Criswell
Here's the direct link within the go2foundation.org website to the screening patient education video: https://go2foundation.org/risk-early-detection/screening-saves-lives/patient-educational-video-on-screening/
Linda Sample
All Payer Claims Databases website: http://www.apcdcouncil.org/state/map
Angela Criswell
For LuCa information: lucatraining.org